Kaio Ken

Kaio Ken

Kendall G checking in, otherwise known as Ken, Thee Ken Greg, or my stage name Kaio Ken. I am of the Founding Fathers of STENCHUATED LLC. 

Stenchuated was originally dedicated to the growth of young black men such as myself, who struggle with opening up and sharing how creative one can be. It started in 2016 when I met my met Brad and Vaughn, we cliqued. Eventually, the name was born, we began to lead meetings with our friends dispelling arguments and discussing our feelings. At some point in 2017 we released our first attempt at clothing, we came up with a Stenchuated Gang crew neck and baseball T, we also had a regular T shirt. By this time we developed another mission purpose besides opening up and demystifying male feelings through art and conversation, we expanded into marijuana culture. As young black men there are stereotypes behind us using weed and being incarcerated for it so we decided to embrace the nature of it branding ourselves as STENCH in hopes to teach horticulture and destigmatize the nature of weed through clothing, entertainment, music, art, teaching. 


As you can see we have a lot going while focusing on building a brand i still find time to create art myself in the form of music, I've been making music on and off for years always being a shy youth afraid to speak up. I've taken the time since meeting my colleagues to christen my skills and step outside of my comfort zone to eventually become Kaio Ken. I grew up listening to Lupe, Kanye, Wayne, and much more alternative music like Linkin Park, etc. It shaped me and has allowed me to view music as a tool to express myself and shed light on my surroundings.

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