Top Stoner Albums of All Time

So I was looking for trippy cover art for our upcoming album and I stumbles across a billboard article where it features some of the most creative pieces. There was works from Pink Floyd to Snoop Dogg. I never in all my days thought to look up these albums although I have smoked so much cannabis. I love the culture , so that lead me to look up the greatest "Stoner Albums" of all time. Now I have nothing against any category of music so I took the time to to listen to about 50 of the what they consider the best stoner compositions and here I have my observation. I will try my best to order them in terms of relatability and best overall sound musically.


1.)Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon

This was a musical experience I don't think I will forget. It wasn't filled with crazy lyricism or for that matter any. Majority of the songs were filled with  I really was staring at the ceiling just vibing experiencing all what they have to offer. I am not formally a rock fan but this opened my eyes to the world of smooth rock, so far it's high on my list but I would like to see what is to come. Rate 8/10


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